Scripting Sunday

on the 10th of august 2008, a large group of scriptors invaded

the scriptors were known as ‘bagheads’ throughout the hotel, seeing as they all wore paperbags on their heads.

what the bagheads did was go into all the public rooms, and script away, making it impossible for anyone to enter a public room wihtout being disconnected from the hotel and having to log-in again. the bagheads could also get into guest rooms, which created a huge stirr and even more rumors.

one of the main rumors was that they could get into your room, and take all your furni. people were told to pick up all their furni and lock their doors, to keep out the hackers. many people set up ‘safe rooms’: a locked room which other habbos could hide in from the bagheads.

the scriptors were thought to have been other members from a german mirror of habbohotel, but most reasons go to believe that this was a work of a 4chan raid, a popular imageboard website that is well-known for disturbances like this.

all in all, it caused a whole lot of stress and wasted a lot of peoples time – whilst p-ssing off a h-ll of a lot of habbos!
habbo: sh-t! its a baghead! kick it!
habbo: 🙁 d/ced again!
habbo: omg everyone get in a safe room! pick up your furni! omgmgogmogm!
habbo: scripting sunday ftw -_-

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