this word is a combination of scr-w-ng and boinking; as in s-x. a fundimental need that we all have in life and one that is similar to having to “scratch an itch”. like eating, sleeping, breathing and sh-tting; scroinking, aka:inking the deal, getting loose, getting down, macing, boneing, slaying it etc, etc. is not something that we can live without.

i invited her over for a movie but, i was really just looking for a mid week scroink.
a combination of the words screw and oink. originally a synonym for casual party. created by writer bill dalton in 1965, the word was a combination of screw and oink and was meant to be controversial. the word is now meaningless and used as a joke to call attention to something.

dalton now uses the word in his blog called “scroink.”
there is a scroink tonight downtown.
i got scroinked last night.

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