when you unintentionally create a coherent drawing out of a scribble. a combination of the word ‘scribble’ and ‘doodle.’
i just accidently drew this scroodle
to scribble and doodle simultaneously in a fashion where it looks like your kinda mental(past experience).(it helps to sniff sharpies)
my scroodle has a puking m-ffin on it!

eww your scroodle looks like cr-p.

are you scroodling or having a seisure?
a scroodle is the collective name for both the scr-t-m, and doodle.
dude she grabbed my whole scroodle last night! both doodle and scr-t-m!
to give oral s-x to a male.
give head
did you scroodle his noodle last night?
any hair falling off, or belonging on a scr-t-m
“d-mn billy, you got motherf-ckin scroodles all over my sammich!”

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