stealing fruit, especially apples, from someone else’s trees. british. it’s considered less bad than, say, shoplifting, but adults still disapprove.
the act of stealing apples from a cider orchard. (the word comes from scrumpy cider) this term cannot be applied to a town or city enviroment. for example you couldn’t steal a stereo and call it ‘urban scrumping’
giles was caught scrumping from mr. johnsons farm on tuesday
the act of stealing apples, nothing more. either stealing froma tree, orchard or store. the one who scrumps is called the scrump or scrumper.
when glen asked about the apples, phil said that he went scrumping at todd’s house.
stealing apples. not to be confused with oggy raidingwhich is actually a form of -n-l intrusion with fruit, mostly enjoyed by peope chained to radiators.
i went scrumping in paddy’s field yesterday. ah it was a h-ll of a craic. ho ho ho. mad as a box of frogs me!
the act which blends ‘scratching’ and ‘humping’ which is a s-xuallly based activity. it can involve 2 or more people and is normally seen as a pleasurable activity. however it must be done in the right manner, scratching too hard can result in unpleasant injuries to the scr-t-m or other areas, but too soft can make it an awkward encounter of rubbing and meriment.
‘ i wa scrumping this girl so hard my nail broke’
furiously masturbating during or after consuming a large amount of cheese puffs and not cleansing your hands of the cheese powder
i was scrumping the other night and now my d-ck is stained orange!
the art of getting from a to b purely by means of running through people’s property, turning over as much lawn furniture and stealing as many pegs as possible along the way. est. 2009 in nz.
i was almost caught scrumping by mrs atkinson.

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