scumbag freeloader

a sc-mbag freeloader is someone who smokes all your weed, drinks all your drinks, walks in your house without permission, and snoops for anything possible that they can mooch off and take. they don’t ever have anything to provide themselves and use everyone they can. they think there cool with everyone & think its ok to ask you for food, drinks, money, & weed. they make sure they get everything they want one way or another & there sc-ms.
that sc-mbag freeloader keeps smoking up all my weed.

a sc-mbag freeloader is a stupid mooching leech who suvks everything they can off everyone.
a sc-mbag freeloader is someone who walks in your house without permission and snoops around for your snacks and drinks and takes them without asking because he thinks he’s so cool with everyone he knows. sc-mbag freeloaders smoke all your weed because there too cheap to buy any themselves. they are lowlife leeches and they suck all they free stuff they can off of you until your out of stuff then they move on to the next person.
for example; if i had a friend named “sc-m”.

sc-m just walked into my house & took all my food what a sc-mbag freeloader.

that sc-mbag freeloader just broke my fire pit and said it was going to happen anyways, to get himself out of paying for it.

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