scale-fur, very fine and thin scales that look and feels exactly like fur on mammalian animals, but usually on furry dragons and mythical creatures.
example 1:
“my scur is feeling all dirty, i shall go wash it”

example 2:
“your scur looks quite nice.”

example 3:
“i have been scurred!”
when you meet a guy man or boy you don’t know oyu call them “scurs” because it kinda sounds like sir.
hey scurs what you doing?
when you meet a guy man or boy you don’t know you call them “scurs” because it kinda sounds like sir. as you might know this term originated from the lovely nicole richie.
hey there scurs you’re one s-xy b-tch.
someone who is 2 scared to fight
u dont wanna fight? u aint nothin but a scur sucka

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