something dirty, nasty, or otherwise disgusting(usually a woman)
“yo, don’t f-ck her, that b-tch is scuzzy.”

“who invited those scuzzy b-tches?”
a person who has a strong resemblance to a “sc-mbag”,or someone who is not liked by a big wholesome group of people. word description: insult
specimen (a) walks toward specimen (b). specimen (a) does not like specimen (b). to get underneath specimen (b)’s skin, specimen (a) may say “what up scuzzy?” shortening this term/insult is very likely. most likely to scuzz
when you wake up after a night of drinking and you’re still wearing the clothes you wore last night, and you haven’t showered or anything … yeah, then you’re pretty d-mn scuzzy.
jim: man, i woke up this morning … look at me: i was wearing these pants and this sweatshirt last night. i feel so f-ckin’ scuzzy.
n. nasty person that you don’t want to be around.
adj. something that is just nasty!
don’t talk to that scuzzy.
that car is scuzzified.
small computer storage interface = scsi, pr-nounced scuzzy.
i bought a scsi hard disk today
v. 1. so freaking disgusting, that there is a layer of nasty film over whatever you’re talking about. 2. in a manner of speaking, it could mean really really really rediculously cool or amazing.

sick < disgusting < scuzzy3. really ugly, or diseased. 1. i had to clean the bathrooms at work today, and they were so freaking scuzzy!1. i need to shower, i'm feeling pretty scuzzy.2. jordan is so absolutely scuzzy at skateboarding, that he can land a 360 varial mctwist up a 24 stair!3. ew, don't touch alicia! she's so scuzzy! she's been with 20 guys.... in one night.... at the same time.... who were all related... to her! oh god! someone who, for a particular reason, is below you. "yo..that b-tch think she the sh-t but she scuzzy."1 2 next › last »

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