single…childfree…woman…i’d…like to…f-ck
sure everyone wants to bang a hot mom, but let’s all be honest, it’s much easier and less time restrictive to tag a s-xy cougar who doesn’t have kids. this is the type of woman who doesn’t have to frantically scramble out the door at the crack of dawn to make her kids breakfast. this beauty will not only relentlessly ride you into the morning light, but will stick around after breakfast, lunch and maybe even dinner for a hearty session of tea bagging, daisy chaining cleveland steaming or whatever other depraved s-xual activities might be on your bucket list for a impromptu five day s-x weekend.

as a p-rnographic genre this will showcase women who are older, hotter, tighter, and up for even crazier activities than milf’s.
person #1- “oh my god got with the hottest cougar last week.”
person #2- “that’s so awesome, i love milf’s!”
person #1- “no dude, she wasn’t a milf, she was a scwilf! she didn’t have any kids so we had s-x for 5 days straight. i think i might have 2nd or 3rd degree burns on my hog. do you know the number of a good dermatologist?”

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