standing double penetration

the act of two men dp’ing some b-tch in a standing position. only for the brave (and strong)
women: what a sdp?
man 1: one in the -ss, one in the p-ssy
man 2: standing up, at the same time!!!! muahahahahahha
women: holy sh-t
man 1 and 2: lets do this…….leeeeeerrrroooooyyyyyyy jeeeennnkkiiinnnssss
sdp: super dome p-ssy: extremely large ho
everyone has played in the sdp; you, me and the ashcan… should have brought my swimming trunks… beat up, leaking oil…
slow driving p-ss-es- when there is snow or ice or sleet on the ground in a place that doesn’t normally have weather such as this and people just go nuts and drive way too slow. its snow not a tightrope.
mike: man, the snow is out of control.. safety first!

cam: n-body’s gotta be that safe… got caught this morning behind a sdp going 25 in a 70mph when they could have safely gone 60…. just sayin’
strategic drunken placement – the act of placing an item you need and use everyday whilst drunk, in a location and you cannot find it when your sober.
bob – hey honey, have you seen my cars keys?

mary – no bob, you sdp them last night, i haven’t seen them since.

bob – b-gg-red if i can find them, where could they be…..
a spontaeous dance party. usually the one who declares one does not actually intend on having one, but feels it is the appropriate thing to say. very rarely does a sdp occur
“hey, do you want to get everyone together and have an sdp?”
a fake -ss blood gang located in san diego, can also be san diego p-ss-es.
fucc them sdp, them fake -ss p-ss-es cant fight for real.
stands for: s-xy dance party. a sdp can only occur if a minimum of two of the original three are present. usually consists of loud music, crazy make-up, jenga, all dressed and salt and vinegar chips, wild hair, hottubing, and copious amounts of photography. many of these pictures do not end up on facebook for obvious reasons.
person one: i think it’s time for another sdp.
person two: yes! what is this now? sdp8?

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