Seagull Raid

a seagull raid is when someone unexpectedly does something to you. this can be comprised of someone stopping in and talking without warrant, crop dusting your room, sending you random unwanted pictures like a d-ck pic. this term is derived from the fact that during breeding season if you are near seagull nests…
a) they will sh-t all over everything like literally coated in sh-t that can’t be easily removed by even the best car wash. sh-ts the size of grapefruits, scouts honor.
b) walking around outside near their nesting area could result in them circling like vultures and eventually dive bombing you. i haven’t heard of anyone actually getting tagged by one, but there will be skid marks
i was minding my own business, when rich seagull raided my office and farted.
#seagull #dive bomb #air raid #bird sh-t

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