a person who enjoys the lolis
seaker loves lolis

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  • particular individual

    the words cops use for “person” when they are trying to sound smart. this particular individual that i pulled over was driving under the influence of several controlled substances.

  • pussy jerking

    a male with no d-ck “jerking off” nick loves p-ssy jerking. he has no d-ck

  • danhoed

    to be danhoed is to get ultimately banned and stripped off your freedom of speech. i have officially danhoed any discussion about taylor swift.

  • memism

    a cancerous community and/or group on the internet spreading from app to app, social media to social media, website to website, posting cancerous, stale, outdated, mlg, swag, dead and other memes. they don’t find any meme offensive. they will attempt to spread their cancerous memes around normies so they may join them. this community can […]

  • dwunish

    “dwunish,” is another way of saying, “punish,” but obviously, dwunish is funner to say. bruh, let me dwunish this kid real quick.

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