search google or type url

typing this is a sure sign that youre bored
i was so bored sitting at my computer that i typed “search google or type url. now i’m so bored that i’m adding it to urban dictionary…

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  • benny collins disease

    a disease composed of random ailments, contracted by using another person’s towel. no susie, don’t use that towel! you’ll get benny collins disease!

  • glenny poo

    glenny poo means very handsome black guy that gets lots of v-g-n- i want some glenny poo inside me

  • mecrae

    the cutest guy around,usually a burnette and every loves him for one reason only…he is hilariously stupid!!! him and a girl named sarah would be goals af😍🔥. he can be romantic and s-xy at times. great in bed. that guy is so cute yet so stupid. he’s such a mecrae😍

  • maxxim

    maxxim is a name for an intellegent, handsome, and a well rounded make with an abnormally large p-n-s wow i heard maxxim gets all of the girls. they don’t call him maxxim for nothing

  • blind nationalism

    an wavering belief that your country is the best at everything and disregarding all of yhe counrty’s negative events while labeling those with dissenting opinions as p-ss-es and should leave said country. this is usually coupled with xenophobia. the alt-right has so much blind nationalism that i don’t think they even know what is covered […]

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