seatard is a word for the most useless animal in the water, the manatee.
the word was coined by taylor ramsauer fo the mediocre show.

eric: manatees are the r-t-rd of the sea.
taylor: they are seatards.
“all seatards do is get stuck in boat propellers.
a person living in seattle who behaves and thinks that the world is just like seattle, therefore their behavior is normal/acceptable.
the person who thought that renting any random person’s car is a good idea is a real seatard.
a word used to describe someone who laughs so hard that he/she fails to make any sound, and starts wheezing.
o my god, my joke made casey laugh like a seatard!
derogatory term for a native or longtime resident of seattle, washington.
“you would think these seatard idiots would know how to drive in the rain properly seeing as how it rains here nine months out of the year!”
r-t-rd at sea;

a pirate’s prison b-tch
that guy is such a seatard.

that seatard forgot the ice.

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