a person, or group of people, that doesn’t do anything, they just stand and stare/judge at people, normally have a small attention span and low iq, their body language resembles seaweed, swaying and not doing anything
person 1: “ugh, do you see all those people staring at us? it makes me so uncomfortable, all they do is judge”

person 2: “just ignore them, they are a bunch of seaweed(s) that won’t go anywhere in life.”
50% sea
50% weed
guy 1: what is seaweed made of?

guy 2: sea and weed…….. don’t you watch spongebob dude.
name for sweaty pubic hair popping out from the clothing
guy 1: dude check out my seaweed! -lowers pants enough to reveal “seaweed”-
guy 2: that’s gross as h-ll
marijuana grown using a hydroponic growing system that uses water instead of soil, allowing the grower to adjust nutrient and ph levels to their proper levels more easily. seaweed is primarily chosen to grow for it’s quick growing time and high quality yield.
yo check out this stanky seaweed i just picked up.
a term describing a person who is tripping sh-t after swimming whilst high on marijuana. this term is also used when a drowned man is found on a beach with marijuana in his pocket.
example a
lifeguard a: “oh sh-t, we got some sea weed in the water.”
lifeguard b: “d-mn, those pot heads always come here trippin’ sh-t and make people stop coming to the beach
lifeguard a: “yeah, we better go get that guy out of there, he might drown.”
lifeguard b: “well we might as well watch him go for a bit, it might get funny.”
lifeguard a: “yeah that is a good idea.”

example b
rasta a: “ja mon, i just dun found some mary jane in some drowned man’s pocket.”
rasta b: “holy ganja, come here right quick and we smoke dat stuff off.”
rasta a: “nah mon, this be my first sea weed i ever done found. i be saving dis stuff for da jamaican forest fire that be happening soon.”
rasta b: “ja mon that be a good idea, sea weed be some lucky stuff. i one time found some of dat sh-t and i won three ounces of mary jane.”
rasta a: well mon, i tink u should come here right quick and do some smokin wit me. i save half for da jamaican forest fire.”
underwater moss!
kt: moss
atum: moss!
kt: did you know seaweed is underwater moss?
atum: totally.
marijuana laced with pcp, also known as water
i just ripped off my skin because i was on seaweed
marijuana that is stored in salt water (the ocean) for transportation. the marijuana has a salty taste when consumed, but does not lose any thc. most honest dealers will sell at discounted price.
bill: “you wanna roll up this seaweed that i got right here?”
bob: “h-ll yeah. i’ve been craving something extra salty all day. where’s the zig-zags?”

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