a term used for a super fly j-panese-italian dude.
joe was so secamiglio that he destroyed ben g.

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    seize every day live it too the fullest! guy 1- i hate myself! guy 2- hey sedl2tf thats what i do! guy 1- thanks i will try!

  • seek and destroy

    1. sumthing you want to do when your really p-ssed off at sumone 2. an awesome metallica song off their first alb-m, kill ’em all 1. larry p-ssed me off, its time to seek and destroy. 2. listen to seek and destroy by metallica, great f–kin song

  • seems legit

    1) what one would say in a situation that arouses suspicions, but is ultimately determined to pose no threat. 2) what one would say ironically in a situation that is obviously not legit, usually dealing with illicit activities such as drugs and pedophilia, or the purchase of knockoff merchandise. 1) this muscle cream isn’t a […]

  • see Tarzan hear Jane

    to see a gay man whose appearance is very muscled and masculine, and then to hear him speak in a very effeminate voice. used to ridicule gay men who try to hide their effeminacy by working out and adopting the appearance of a he-man. at first i thought kurt was really hot, but it was […]

  • Seidman

    n. the gay p-rn term for a dude who plays the part of a typical female in a bukkake session. commonly used in the gay film industry. the seidman lay there with his mouth open while three dozen guys shot their wads towards his face.

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