meaning a person who is literally the stupidest
jennifer cuts her pancakes like a sedom

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  • mousam

    english : climate. adj. : sweet innocent child. oh she is such a mousam.

  • pintroll

    someone who constantly trolls pinterest for ideas to impress those around them. bridget always makes the coolest projects. you know she’s not creative, she’s just a pintroll.

  • eyebrows of freedom

    eyebrows of freedom – eyebrows so big they could fly off someone’s face to freedom. example: erwin smith’s eyebrows (attack on t-tan) “let’s go scouting legion, may the eyebrows of freedom be with you!” “i thought it was the wings of freedom.” “shut up eren, you brat. if erwin says eyebrows, it’s eyebrows.” “sorry lance […]

  • darragh ruane

    a lad who loves his big brothers p-n-s and helps him out whenever he needs it, and one day will start up a business to promote helping your brother in such a way. eww shane your brothers a darragh ruane

  • p**p fan

    a bathroom fan, that is commonly turned on when p–ping to try to get rid of the smell. “aw sh-t, the p–p fans on. she’s gonna take a minute.”

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