when one dude c-ms inside another dude who is really h-rny and he wants to own him with his c-m so he pushes it all inside him and makes him take every last drop of it with no condom holding it back
“brady quinn f-cked me good last night, so f-cking good, was an awesome seeding, he owns me”
the act of enabling files for redistribution for torrents and other file sharing systems.
seeding at least what you take is important, that is why it is called “file sharing.”
the act of seducing, but not following through, a female one sees as too young for the moment in order to obtain her at a later date as a more mature and attractive individual.

see also: “long-term investment”

special thanks to the source: hollywood halk
yo homes! that chick is way too young for you. try seeding her now, then slam her when whe turns 18 in a few years.
the act of spreading marijuana seeds. throw them in your school lawn, football fields, local businesses. anywhere is a good place for green. throw handfuls of them. make them grow everywhere. make it a huge problem for law enforcement.
lil johnny got caught seeding the police station now hes locked up
the act of being on ones period. when a woman is seeding, she is hating her life on her period. to end seeding, one must ingest large amounts of chocolate to destroy the seed tree growing inside her belly.
girl one- “hey, did you know there’s chocolate all over your face?”
girl two- “yes! i’m seeding ok!”

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