a guy who is handsome and will f-ck your b-tch and never call her
omg i just got selawiied

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    translates to i’m josie, and 100 dollars is an understatement. i’m a 20-something hispanic man who has uncontrollable l-st for women who spend over 100 dollars on collecting waifus and hours and realized that he can’t collect a certain waifu due to random number generator is something you wouldn’t say on a first date.

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    someone who should kill them self. tyler montine should kill himself.

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    one of the hottest girls you know. she will kick your -ss and get evey boy even a guy named seth and jarrod teahauna is awesome

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    when 3 or more girls like you at a time because your the sh-t making you (overdatable) girl/boy: omg do you see that boy/girl over their she/he is so hot. friend:yeah but everyone loves him he’s sooo overdatable

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