one who knows they are of good qualities, and always answers i know to a complement.
that girl from school is so selfseeded, all she thinks about is how pretty she is.

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  • German pastry

    to intentionally leave a large dump in the shared bed of a loved one, for anger, revenge or humor purposes. bob left a big german pastry for alice, in retaliation for her dutch oven.

  • gerrish

    another word for h-m-s-xual. a person who thinks there sh-t doesn’t smell. and ussually a person who enjoys other men’s p-n-ses. who thinks they can do anything they want, and has a bad voice. regular guy: dude what are you doing gerrish: i can do anything i want regular guy: f-g… regular guy 2: yeah […]

  • get swol

    1. short for “get swollen”, meaning “build muscle.” see also, swol or swoll. 2. the act of building muscle, exercising. 2. the most effective way to make exercise sound h-m-s-xual. very h-m-s-xual. “i’m about to hit the gym to get swol.” “dude, can’t you just say exercise?”

  • Ghetto Takeover

    the phrase used to describe when many a ghetto show up. girl1: whoa! when did they get here? girl2: idk but its a ghetto takeover!!

  • Ghettypephobia

    ghett-type-phobia the fear and/or hatred of the use of ghetto typing on facebook. my ghettypephobia started to kick in when i saw antoineesha’s status update, “h3333y qur| we qotta m33t us dem boiiiis dis w33kend qurl!!”

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