the word sellas is used to describe somebody who is completely awesome, in every way. it’s also used to describe sombody of greek herratige and who ingages in behaviour commonly related to black people i.e listning to notorious big.
girl 1: “see that hot guy over there?”

girl 2 :”yeah he’s such a sellas”
another name of alien.
a fictional mutated specie from mars.
completely different from humans.
also linked to the famous mars stone called zuhair.
terrified person: there’s a sella in the room.

another terrified person: not a sella.
an israeli manwh-r- who can’t make up his mind about women
sellas love p-rn and parties at their houses
1. a way of feeling happy.
2. another meaning of zuhair.
3. a native g-y word relating to the mid 80s used in asia but later used in latin in the late 90s.
4. a g-y instrument used by sellas today for s-xual reasons…
5. abbreviation for sella-ish (adjective).
6. sella is a word also known between gangsta freshies as a g-y b-st-rd.
ahhhhhhh, i feel good. i feel sella.
how r ya boys, hows my sella.
sellas were having a s-xual date near a zuhair store.
roshan was feeling sick. thankfully, a g-y guy came to him and gave him a nice looking zuhair. so later he felt so sella-ish
a teenager, typically of middle eastern descent, that attempts to mimic drug dealers in their methods of selling goods. they approach people to ask them to buy something and if their offer is declined they will insist that the buyer is lying about having no money or is being racist. they sell cheap energy drinks and discount chocolate bars.
dave: “joe, you’re late again. what gives?”
joe: “i got h-ssled by some sellas until i bought one of their sh-tty chocolate bars.”
dave: “unlucky, bro. unlucky.”
a crazy little girl that acts like a hamster on crack. lives in alabama. you’ve been warned…
“sella, you sure look nice today. a knife? what’s that for? my spleen, my spleen!!!”
a completly lost person who doesnt talk to there friends and is most likely a ginger.
shes so lost, what a sella

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