abbreviation of “awesem,” a slang version of “awesome.” used commonly on student film sets in the chicago area to refer to something extremely cool or pleasing.
– “hey, the car mount is ready.”
– “sem.”
s-xually enhanced males
“did you see that guy over there?”
“omg yesssss, must have been a sem”
the greatest person in the history of the universe, everyone who meets him wants to be him or be with him.
man i wish i was sem!
sem: self-centered egoistic maniac

a person who has the highest opinion for himself/herself that is very annoying.

someone who is obsessed with himself.
person #1: look at her. she is obsessed with herself.
person #2: she is such a sem.
sem: s-m-n eating monster
a ugly, fat, sk-nky, female. most likely has some sort std, like crabs or scabies. likes to f-ck anything with a p-n-s. an outcast.
a) that b-tch is such a sem, its discusting.
b) f-ck that sem and her sk-nky -ss.
(n) ebonics for the number seven.
“i keep it crunk twenny fo’-sem!”

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