Semantic Band-Aid

all the verbal things one scampers to congure up, contort, and convey as sincerely as possible to patch up whatever’s left of what was once an intimate relationship.
janet: you broke up with chad?!? super-sensitive chad? he’s gonna implode!
beth: i know! too sensitive! that was the problem! so tonight i’m getting more stoned than the 10 commandments and write down every semantic band-aid i can possibly pull out of the universe’s bing-hole to make sure he doesn’t mistake his dog’s bed for his mother’s womb and his pabst bottles for br–sts for the next half-year.

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  • semending

    like saying something is good,like awsome,or like cool dude that chick is s-m-nding.

  • seminal receptor

    a woman who is a little bit too fond of giving oral s-x. stephanie is a seminal receptor

  • sexmatron

    a s-xy person dude that chick nicole is such a s-xmatron! omg that guy andy is such a s-xmatron!

  • lazy snail

    dipping your b-lls in a persons mouth and getting them covered with saliva, then dragging them up over the persons nose and resting them on their forehead leaving a saliva trail along the way. i gave her the greatest lazy snail last night.

  • Ragebate

    to m-st-rb-t- furiously out of pure rage. that b-tch is so stupid, i think i’m gonna go home and ragebate.

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