-j-c-l-t- from the male p-n-s; tastes like egg whites mixed with saltw-ter.loved by some, hated by others.
he rubbed his c-ck head between the folds of her v-lv-, then as she began to get wet, he pressed inward, entering with progressively longer strokes. after a few moments he -j-c-l-t-d his s-m-n into her v-g-n-
p-n-s pudding
there is s-m-n blasting out of my p-n-s!
something you can shoot on anything and make a baby
1. you are jacking off and you shoot a load and it hits your computer monitor…there you have it…computer monitor babies

2. you shoot blast your load onto the carpet…carpet babies
white,hot,sticky yet yummy c-m! composed of sperm cells which i often swallow during every intercourse!it is also a good source of vitamins and mineral which can make you look younger and attractive. best in making facial foam. it cures acne in 2 weeks
my boyfriend’s c-m is so delicious cuz it tasted like cherry fruit. i just love the scent!!!sometimes, i’m using it in my face to make it soft and supple.
fluid containing sperm.translucent, sticky stuff which smells of ammonia or pine fresh.when -j-c-l-t-d it is warm but soon turns cold and will dry quickly.
sprogsp-wn that smells
a man who works on a ship or boat.
hey captain! i need your s-m-n on my p–pdeck right now!
s-m-n is a part of a government plot to get rid of america’s excess toothpaste and pine fresh by mixing them together, calling the mixture “s-m-n”, and spreading it over most of our consumer’s food, primarily in school cafeterias. the result is a tasty lard/egg-white subst-tute, however, too much s-m-n consumption (usually in males) may lead to a build-up in the excretory system (our kidneys, bladder, etc…) and may be -j-c-l-t-d upon stimulation with pumping, pulling, rubbing, and other painful procedures.

the -j-c-l-t–n of this “s-m-n” is mandatory to remain healthy or side effects may occur, including but not limited to: loneliness, nerdiness, explosion in the urethrea, and/or constipation.

why some females choose to consume the fluid is probably to clean their teeth (toothpaste) or freshen their breath (pine fresh)
today i got rid of my excess s-m-n because urban dictionary told me to

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