a worthless person who contributes nothing to society, they think they deserved to be called honorable, however they are really just leeches of free healthcare and govt benefits when they have plenty of money so that they really don’t need either.
tom: well maria just took another week off work because she just felt like going out to dinner and having people kiss her -ss.

ed: maria is such a f-cking senator.
an elected official that is part of the upper house of congress on the state and federal levels in the united states of america. the federal level has exactly 100 senators, while the state levels vary from state to state.
john mccain is a senator from arizona. there are 99 other senators on the federal level in the united states.
to person who wrote senators will never be elected: fail
senators can be elected, b-tch
a person who runs in a presidential election, but loses to the opposite party, because they did not have a senator running.
senators can’t win elections: it didn’t work for dole, it didn’t work for lieberman, it didn’t work for kerry, and it’s not gonna work for clinton.

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