a verb used mainly in the rock climbing and freeride mountain biking world, send means to do something very difficult with style.
“you better put a stamp on this climb, cause im about to send it!”
“dude, he sent that jump 30 ft. in the air!”
can be used in numerous ways, but mostly refers to the physical and mental act of getting high. originally started with the rotation of a spliff, and moved on to rum, beer, and now the performance of any activity can be pre-fixed with “send_
word has origin in bangalore, india.
me : we sent 6 blunts yesterday
she : stop sending them lies.

me: b-tch dumped me today man
he : f-ck it man. lets send some green.

someone : lets send the foot ball today,. am in a good mood
to take in anything having to do with betrayal, gossiping about, or lying to a colleague. i learned this word the the mainland from my haole friends. its not hawaiian slang like my other entries.
dat b-tch alwaying be sendin me n sh-t. she need tuh watch herself cause her -ss gon git toh duh h-ll up if she so dis sh-t one more again.

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