senior scavenger hunt

when your entire senior cl-ss partakes in a night filled with pranks and challenges ranging from a wide variety of crazy things. -use your imagination-

there are multiple teams which can only consist of 8 people max.
a list will be handed out which contains a bunch of challenges which can earn your team points!
must arrive at designated location on time and with the entire team in a motor vehicle
each member must have a bandana with the color representing the team

the bandana must be placed somewhere outside the team car within sight
must obtain the task list from the judges (senior cl-ss will decide who the judges are)
must show video evidence the task was completed
at the end of the hunt, your team must hand in the video evidence to the judges for the scores to be calculated correctly
-the team driver cannot be intoxicated in any shape or form!-
dude the senior scavenger hunt was so gnarly bro, zain and mike slap-boxed and zain got wrecked!
this year josh ran the naked 55m and scored his team points for the senior scavenger hunt!

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