someone who watches tv-series very regularly or treats it like a hobby.
i spent my whole weekend rewatching game of thrones for my third time. i’m a pretty hardcore serier these days.

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  • Shitted In Your Mouth

    the act of proving someone wrong guy 1: lebron james won the 2015 nba finals guy 2: no he didn’t stephen curry did guy 1: whatever guy 2: yea i just sh-tted in your mouth!

  • shoes on booze on

    a rule for life: if people are going out drinking and you are wearing shoes you have to go with them. invented by nic simpkin. “we’re going to the pub, you coming ” “nah, just got back, i’m tired” “it’s the rules: shoes on booze on!”

  • smoothcock

    the way young men try to talk-up their p-n-ses to others so they don’t sound so gross and unappealing “i want her to suck my smoothc-ck?”

  • sports center and chill

    f-cking to the lovely sound of sports center; for all those out there who don’t really care what’s on the tv as long as they get some booty girl: netflix and chill babe? boy: nahhhh sports center and chill. girl: nice 😉

  • spucci

    when you are both ‘gucci’ as in good and content with where you are at that moment. it is also reefering to amerigo vespucci, the italian explorer, as the ‘spucci’ individual is exploring new realms and sh-t. “i’m spucci, n-gg-” followed by charlie murphy grin and head shake via giphy

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