the most sincere, goodhearted, and gorgeous girl to grace the world with her lively presence. some say she is a angel sent from god to bless the world.
you are like a serina!
i wish i was serina
the most beautiful girl in the entire world. she’s very funny, and very sweet. if you ever meet her, don’t let her go. you’ll be glad you didn’t. she had a beautiful smile that makes yo heat melt, and is one of the most adorable people ever, but she’ll never believe it.
“omg. you’re so gorgeous and funny and i can’t even.” i said
“aw. fankyou” serina said back
serinas are cute as f-ck but they’ll always deny it. (for some d-mn reason) serinas are usually sarcastic but it will always be funny. they are good too have around when you’re feeling down. canadian serinas are they best! never let them go! her parents or step parents will be just as funny as her. (i promise)
she will always be honest, truthful, nice, and play video games.

she will always smell nice, dress nice, etc.

so all i’m saying is keep her around, and don’t let her go.
serina is so sarcastic but so cute

dude, she is cute as f-ck! her name must be serina.
a beautiful, hot girl who is perfect at everything. anything she tries to do, she’s the best at. guys love her and girls want to be her and cant help but want to hang out with her. she comes off as crazy, outgoing, and popular, but she’s really unstable on the inside. she can look really sad sometimes and plays the old “im tired.” she is great to have fun with but isn’t always dependable as a friend. she knows when enough is enough but at the same time she’ll leave you for a more popular person if she gets the opportunity to be close with them. in the end shes there for you though. serinas are crazy complicated people who seem like typical smart perfect gorgeous popular girls. oh btw shes reaaaalllly smart.
example 1
“ugh, i’m so jealous of that girl. she’s such a serina”

example 2
“did you hear serina crying in the bathroom?”
“no i thought she was so outgoing and self-confident.”

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