old person
sessil is reading the newspaper

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  • pussy-pumpkin

    when an obese ladies crotch has so much fat covering her genitals that it looks like a pumpkin. “man, i hooked up with a chik so fat it took me 20 minutes to carve out that p-ssy-pumpkin!”

  • tricka yo mama

    a come back to when someone calls u a trickahoe. it is sure to shut them up. originated: norfolk, virginia person 1: man…u is a trickahoe! person 2: tricka yo mama foo!

  • pussy wolferson

    n; used to address a person with a similar sounding name, ex. billy wilkinson, who has far too much body hair for they’re own good. “hey p-ssy wolferson, when you gonna shave that neck hair?”

  • Put Peter Out to Pasture

    impotence; when even b-n-r pills won’t help. dagnabbit, time to put peter out to pasture. lord take me now.

  • Seventy niner

    any individual born in the year 1979. being born in 1979 makes a person infinitely more superior than any individual born in any other year. the only exception to this may be a sixty niner, someone born in 1969, but the jury is still out. that guy gerald i met the other day is pretty […]

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