Seville Calculator

this is an amazing invention thought up by celtic fans with an iq of single figures( which includes most celtic fans)

celtic reached the uefa cup final where the took 30 thousand fans over with them, but with this amazing invention it took the total figure to 50 millions fans

oh and btw dont be fooled by the claim that there were no arrests made in seville when celtic fans were in attendance,

they stabbed a poor inocent man all because they got beat 3-2 by the better team

celtic then boo’d the winning team of the final, fc porto

celtic fans can now be heard saying they took 50 million fans to seville
“we took 50 million tae suvvil” seville calculator
a myth by glasgow rangers fans that the world media had a agenda against them.
while the world media reported the amount of celtic fans as between 60,000 to 80,000 rangers fans still insist they were no more than 30,000.
they also believe than the awarding of the world and european fair play awards to celtic fans only happened because of the biggest cover up ever in history in the history of mankind.
in a rangers pub you might hear “them and their seville calculator ,i remember going to ibrox in the early 80,s i was one of the 5,000 loyal fans.
the problem is you hear that from almost every rangers fan over 40 and realistically you would need some kind of super seville calculator to figure that one out.

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