sex group

a s-x group is were a bunch of h-rny people discuss f-ck-ng ideas and f-ck most probaly
i met tina in a s-x group and we f-ck all the time

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  • shiver-stone

    when you are too cold to move. frozen in place like a stone, but shivering cold. i could hardly sleep last night, it was so cold i turned into a shiver-stone.

  • shlizard

    really drunk and f-ck-d up. dude.. it’s friday, let’s go get shlizard

  • short term

    when a person makes a decision but changes it soon afterwards. you are so short term. example – lets go to the beach. -thirty minutes later – i’m bored, i want to go home. bruv, you are so short term!

  • smiglet

    a small amount. can i have a smiglet of food?

  • snaggelyb*tch

    a female who’s every actions or words deeply get on and under your nerves. also a female who needs to stop being your mans bestie “ugh these snaggelyb-tches just need to get on and go home already.” “i can’t stand that snaggelyb-tch”

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