having characteristics that are both s-xy and phenomenal. something so amazing there is no other word to describe it, so the last resort (happily) is to use the most amazing word available to us english speakers.
“wow did you see that kid’s white oxfords?”
“yeah! those were s-xaphenomenalicious.”
“what the f-ck did you just say?”

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    when the s-x if fantastic and you can’t deny how much you beg to differ if could have been better. give up. as much as i’d hate to say it, that was s-xatific.

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    a b-tch that has s-x and then leaves the next morning while you worry about catching aids, and then you work up enough nerve to take the test. when the results come back you find out you dont have aids but the fbi finds your dna on record that matches with the oj simpson case, […]

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