sexy can i

after hearing the song, and thinking about why ray j would name it such, i’ve come to the conclusion that it means:

s-xy can i… video tape you while we do some of the following, like bl-wj-bs, fingering, masturbation, s-xual intercourse, including doggy style, missionary, and other various positions, then upload it to my computer, upload it on the internet and let all of the world watch it.
girl – what’s that camera for?
ray j – “s-xy can i …”
what someone says if someone they find hot walks by
hoy guy walks by
girl says to friend– s-xy can i!!!!
a question meaning.. wow your hot can i get with you? it can be taken as a compliment, or question.
connor walks into marie’s room while getting ready for the club. she looks hot and
connor say, ” wow s-xy can i”
marie say, “please do”
then they screw

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