sounds good feels good
sgfg is an amazing alb-m by the band (5sos)

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  • y'all n*gg*s hiring

    when you be asking some companies if they’re hiring but in a slang way. this is famous in vine and it’s sort of a joke that can end up in a fight “-yo, is y’all n-gg-s f-ckin’ hiring? -get the f-ck out of here” “-is y’all n-gg-s hiring? -hmm let me check tho”

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    a poser girl that can not skate and wears brands for fashion victoria is such a thrasher girl

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    what teachers are called that pretend to have a spouse and come up with excuses as to why they don’t have any proof of their existence for reason unkown. check out also liar student 1: she said she’s not wearing her wedding ring because it doesn’t fit anymore student 2: bullsh-t she’s such a capar […]

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    when a male lives with a female roomate and they are not in love. it is her civic duty to nag him about cleaning and taking out the trash. she’s is also responsible for giving him input about his life choices ( work relationshipso etc.) person 1: i always see those two out together are […]

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