the words snazzy and gnarly combined. very cool and amazing. also means super gnarly.
“dude, the waves are totally sgnarly today!”

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  • shamzz

    a combo of a cow and a shaman in one normaly known as shamzzilla or god. help me god oh why h-llo shamzz i needa cookie plz


    a cross between shananigans and antics ” i’m sick and tied of you and your shanantics”

  • Shanazz

    snazzy or super fantabulous (adj.) a word used to describe a moment, a thing, or even a person’s actions. ehmigawd! that shirt is so shanazz. legit.

  • Shanghai Slugger

    much like the bucking bronco only with asian women and a louisville slugger. did you hear what marco did to that chick last night? no man, what did he do? finished up and hit her in the face with a baseball bat. so he gave her a shanghai slugger? yep.

  • shangkabanged

    it is a word that is another word for getting owned. for example, jim:dude, johnny just got owned jack: no, you’re lame. he just got shangkabanged.

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