a combination of it’s and good. “s’good scro.” or, ” chill! s’good scro.”
dont worry s’good scro.
a) term combining ‘what’s good’ into a single syllable.

b) term combining ‘is good’ into a single syllable.

uses: as a greeting, or a state of being.
a) sgood, son? ya got dat dank?

b) yeh, son. dank sgood.
contraction of ‘thats good’ or its good.
meaning, “i’ll go along with it if everybody else does” or “sounds like a plan” or “its all right with me”.
usually used by someone unwilling to answer the question or doesnt really care one way or another.
see: s’alright and s’fine.
“anybody for a double expresso cafe latte?”
shortened form of “whats good”. a greeting.
“hey man sgood with you?”
“chillin man, you?”
a combination of the words “is” and “good”.
“yo, how’s that p-ssy taste?”
it’s good.
seriously if you’re looking this up you are really bad at guessing.
mark: okay with you if we see enter movie of your choice here
jane: s’good with me =]

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