to show any extreme emotion
“oh shabeeba! i can’t believe that happened”

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  • fung tao pai fancypants

    well, big f-cking deal! (sarcastic) zach: i finally slept with dan’s mother! john: fung tao pai fancypants, b-tch. that must have been a real conquest, heh heh…

  • funky mcbuttnugget

    (noun) using the bad, wierd, nasty sense of the word funky, this phrase desribes the b-ttnugget or sphere-like fecal discharge from an individual with a mcb-tt or large, celluloid gluteus maximus when chris finished cleaning the toliets at mcdonalds he smelled like a funky mcb-ttnugget

  • shaddy

    shaddy: your hiding something. your acting h-lla shaddy. when a baby takes a shower with it’s father wife: the baby smells husband: i’ll take her for a shaddy then a person who is simultaneously sh-tty and shady. eden is totally shaddy, i can’t believe he didn’t call you again when he said he would! taylor […]

  • shadow box

    1. verb; to box (fight) with one’s shadow. 2.noun; a shallow, framed, rectangular box usually with a gl-ss front that is used for holding and protecting items on display. 1. because it was a very sunny day, the children went outside to play. most began a game of kickball, but little billy decided to shadow […]

  • Shaft Hammer

    same thought process as ‘you got pwned’ oh d-mn! you cant go to the party? shaft hammer!

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