the word shadae describes a shy, but delicate creature. shadae is a fighter but is always keeping peace with everyone they meet.
shadae won the n-bel peace prize for her hard work in africa feeding hungry children.
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variant spelling of the name sade. originated from the yoruba language (nigeria, west africa). the name meaning is “honor confers a crown.” some baby name sites also show the name as meaning “sweetly singing.” the name made popular in the united states by british nigerian singer-songwriter, composer and record producer, sade adu (smooth operator, diamond life 1984).
shadae sade folasade sharde shade shadiya sada sadia sadina sadie sadye sadee
a dropping that comes out of the rear end that is so m-ssive, it has been dubbed into a new category. it also often comes out in liquid form.
nathalie took such a large shadae that the toilet exploded.

riahn was taking a shadae when she fell into the toilet.

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