shut up
“you don’t even know what you’re talking about so just shadd.”

sally told timmy to shadd because he was being mean to her.
a word used to describe something that is really extreme. it could mean extremely cute, ugly, annoying, fat, etc. depending on the context.
that girl’s hair is really shadds today.
v- to flake out

v- to cancel previously agreed upon plans last minute, or simply not show up

n- the act of flaking out
-so we all planned on going to sb for halloween but one guy shadded on us.

-i pulled a shadd on my friends when i told them i would meet them for dinner but decided to hangout with some girl instead.

-don’t pull a shadd on us, bro.
slang term for a dump. there are different levels of “shadd force” ranging from 1 to 5. shadd force 5 represents -n-l blowout due to excessive consumption of heavy foods such as red meat. shadd is deposited in the shadd transfer station, otherwise known as the toilet.
“aww h-ll, after eating all those bbq ribs i feel like i’ve got a shadd force 5.”
to fool, deceive.

thorough deception.
i wanted so bad to shadd them, but the con would just backfire.

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