shaddron…. she’s a very straight forward chick.. she could be b-tchy sometimes….don’t mess with her..she’s sweet and annoying at the same time….she’s loyal, she’s not a quitter, and she trusts with all her heart…
.shaddron is hot!!…shaddron is a very rare name and also a unis-x name…the male shaddrons are loyal as f-ck and the shaddrons in general (both male and female) are in love with love.. don’t mess with them or their loved ones cos they’d do anything in their power to cut you down… they hardly have friends but when they do they cherish them… it’s good fortune to have a shaddron.
guy 1: d-mn!!! who’s dat chick?
guy 2: dude!!! quit staring that’s shaddron…

just act like you ain’t checking her out or she’ll take it offensive..

guy 1: oh lord she’s f-cking hot🔥🔥i swear i want her.

guy 2: then you have to be hot… and you’re obviously not!! lol😂😂😂😂

girl 1 : omg is that shaddron?!!!!

girls : (screams )yes!! yes!! he’s the one and he’s so cute… you should see his girl she’s lucky to have him….

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