galaab jamun jelebi lover of warioman
i shafeeque you

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  • baker's block

    when you want to bake everything, but can’t decide on anything. -“sweet or savoury?” -“i dont know!” -“you’re not helping my baker’s block!”

  • gelsluto

    a lying little h-rny f-cker gelsl-to is a sl-t

  • supreme overlord

    a woman who acts exactly like her mother. mammaw is such a supreme overlord.

  • nopooitis

    the inability to p–p, aka constipation ‘i haven’t p–ped in two days, i think i have nopooitis’

  • arrodance

    the fine line between arrogance and confidence. yo, that motherf-cker stoiks is full of arrodance, but he actually lives with his parents.

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