shahrukh khan

an indian celebrity whose fans all the time try to prove his celebrity status
a normal person: omg i hate shahrukh khan.

a shahrukh khan fan: have you gone nuts? he’s the king of bollywood
known as king khan or the badshah in bollywood, but he is actually the most overrated actor in the entire world. his fame and popularity is mostly because of his religion, islam. most people from the middle east and pakistan like him because he shares the same religion, and that is why he is so famous. the average american has no clue who he is.
girl: shahrukh khan rocks!
me: he is overrated and he has only done romantic movies. in every movie he holds his hands up and leans back. he is so corney. his looks are not that great either,he has big nose and he’s short.
girl: you’re right. john abraham and arjun are much better.yummy!
one of the finest indian actors ever to hit the indian movie industry.
hits include, dilwale dulhania le jayenge, kuch kuch hota hai, veer zara, swades.
the only actor (next to aishwariya rai and amitabh bachan) who is actually known in the hollywood industry.

he is known for giving the same facial expressions, saying kkkkiran in that movie, and doing that thing with his eyes and eyebrows in a sad scene, and his trademark bollywood hairstyle.

like it or not…everybody loves shahrukh khan.
theres this guy at school…and he totally tried to go for a shahrukh khan hairstyle. but he missed the mark by a mile!…poor guy.. now hes just another dipper 🙁
shahrukh khan is the most beautiful and profound actor on this earth…he is a humble and kind-spirited man that has a heart of gold, and you can see this in each and every film that he has made. he’s different and stands out from all the other c-cky airheaded bollywood actors. furthermore, he’s more than just an actor; he’s also a talented and innovative producer. i use to be critical of hindi cinema and shahrukh khan once, but that was before i really sat down and watched one of his films. after that i was not so quick to judge hindi cinema and realized what a world of wonders i was missing…
look at shahrukh khan’s list of film awards…need i say more?
the worst and most over-rated actor in the indian film industry, heck, the world
shahrukh khan is a h-m-
the biggest movie star on planet earth.

he is the star of the longest-running film in history, called dilwale dulhaniya le jayenge. it has been playing since september 1995 in a movie theater called maratha mandir in mumbai, india.
he has die-hard fans in every part of the world, even in non-english and non-hindi speaking countries such as germany, madagascar, poland, italy and greece.

he has a singaporean orchid, a german baby elephant, a crater on the moon and a star named after him.

his wax statues can be found in madame tussauds, london and new york and grevin museum, paris.
you must live under a rock if you don’t know king khan, shah rukh khan.

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