shaken but not stirred

not to be confused with how pierce brosnan’s famous character prefers his martinis, this phrase refers to the status of a guy’s totally limp lulu after an extended interval of either drinking or intercourse; it remains droopy/lifeless and therefore does not “stir” (i.e., become aroused) at all, no matter what the activity (i.e., being fondled or “shaken” to try to get it up) or surroundings (i.e., having one or more attractive nymphos nearby who are eager for s-x).
hot s-x-hungry chick: my boyfriend and i “did it” for two hours straight till i finally wore him out, and then his ordinarily-perpetually-boned schl-ng remained shaken but not stirred no matter what i did. we hadda wait till late the next morning before he was able to get it up again.

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