suck my d-ck on foe nem b-tch -ss n-gg- f-ck ya dead mans and ya moms can suck ma d-ck
( shakwan) means suck my d-ck b-tch

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  • febagging

    the process of “teabagging” acted out by a female on an unsuspecting victim. for authenticity an actual teabag must be gripped by the bagger via the genitals making the act all the more impressive. you should have been there, tracey febagging jen when she p-ssed out, was the funniest thing i’ve ever seen.

  • septiishu

    septiishu is the ship name of the irish youtuber ‘jacksepticeye’ and his girlfriend signe (pr-nounced see nu) or more commonly known as ‘wiishu’ on tumblr. “jack and his girlfriend are so cute, i love septiishu so much!”

  • rebaby

    to baby again. from the greco-roman re meaning back or again and the american english baby meaning a small person dude you totally were a baby once so why not just rebaby to dodge your insurance fraud charges?

  • letrevyon

    a strong fast name someone who’s very handsome and very kind usually has a great body structure and is very athletic i wish letrevyon could play football for who he/she is.

  • chrome c*cking

    to plate ones reproductive needle in chrome. yo dude l just finished chrome c-cking! im ready to go have interco-rs- with a rather attractive women.

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