beer mixed with lemonade or some other sweet carbonated beverage.
one part ginger-beer plus one part beer equals two parts shandy.
1. shandy is something of good and/or awesome status!
2. shandy is a word that should be said when something cool happens or as an expression of excitement.
3. a shandy is a drink, beer and lemonade…not bad!
1. “whoa! your new psp is shandy!”
2. “dude! aa on max 300! f-cking shandy!”
3. “hmmm, i sure could go for a shandy right about now!”
shower handjob
danielle gave fred a shandy after getting back from the beach, and made everyone mad they went over the ten minute shower limit.
a hand job while taking a sh-t
hey bro, can i give you a pecan shandy?
1) a popular beverage; half alcoholic, half soft drink, such as lager and lemonade

2) a pre-op trans-xual, sh-m-l-, half & half: ostensibly, female looking, but with male genitalia.
have you met my new girlfriend; candii, she’s a shandy.

omg! i didn’t know you liked trannys!
the name giving to someone who is sh-t at something and called andy!
lisa: “while you call him shandy?”

rob: “because he is sh-t and he’s called andy”
1 part sprite, 1 part any light beer

forms a nice tastying carbonated beer thats light on the alc. %
aww, i dont know if i feel like a full, gimme a shandy today.

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