another term for “s-xy beast”
omg, i can’t breathe! i think a shane just walked by.
a word derived from a greek “san” one of three of the modern day symbols considered obsolete in the greek language. the name was given to the children of those who were considered “criminally genius”. also considered to be one of the few names that can effect the owner’s personality over their lifetime in a aesthetically pleasing but deeply malicious way. perceived by the romans to be the only name “combining good and evil to create balance and perfection.”
“shane… it flows off the tongue like silk.”
“when you scream “shane!” it vibrates your body right down the middle… wow try it.”
the single most amazing kid you will ever met. he is very funny and sweet. and i wish he was mine. he can always make you smile, and falls very easily for girls. take him if you get the chance, because you will miss him if you don’t. i love you shane.
shane is my bestfriend! 🙂
an english derivitive of the irish name sean, which is an irish form of john meaning “g-d’s gracious gift.”

shane is a very popular variant of the name sean in northern ireland in memory of shane o’neill whose forces won notable victories over the armies of queen elizabeth 1st in the sixteenth century.
his name is shane

shane is g-d’s gracious gift
(n.) the most gorgeous boy in the entire world, who i love so much. i would probably die without him, but so the rest of the population. he is the most cutest, sweetest, lovable boy on earth… and in this galaxy.

commonly mistaken for chandlier.
person#1 who would you say is the cutest ever?
person#2 shane, definitely.
the most amazing, caring, beautiful person in the entire world.
shane revilo
a man with a s-xy body, amazing hair and a large member. his eyes are kind yet unreadable. he isn’t fake or friendly to people that he doesn’t know or doesn’t like. he has large hands and a contagious laugh. he loves sports and club soda and the upright b-ss. unbelievably s-xy. animal in bed. is delicious and unforgettable. if you find a shane, hold onto him and make him the love of your life.
he rocks my socks in bed, he’s a total shane.

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