frequently referring to abduction or misdirection into servitude, generally against ones will.
we were close to the conclusion of our meeting but the agenda was shanghaid by someone with different ideas.
using false means or coercion to achieve a desired outcome from an individual.

shanghaiing refers to the practice of conscripting men as sailors by coercive techniques such as trickery, intimidation, or violence. those engaged in this form of kidnapping were known as crimps..
my girl told me we were going watch the game up at woody’s bar, but we ended up at pottery barn… she really shanghai’d my -ss!
the t-tle of possibly the most hilarious episode of spongebob squarepants known to man.
guy one: dude i was watching the best episode of spongebob last night.
guy two: was it shanghaid?
verb. past tense. almost certainly named after the very large chinese metropolis of shanghai. shanghaid is used to refer to an event in the past where one person cheats or defrauds another in a very clever fashion. see also jacked, janked, or swindled.
that guy counted out my change right in front of me but somehow i’m $50 short.
hooking up with a small, annoying asian girl while in a state of inebriation
d-mn, i got shanghai’d last night. i couldn’t get rid of that annoying girl the next morning.
to post on a forum, only to find out that someone posted the same thing seconds before you. see ninja’d.
hey, here’s the link you asked for.
sup, you know that link that you were talking about? here.

edit: dammit! shanghai’d!

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