one of the most amazing creatures on the planet! someone who makes you smile just being there and somebody who comes across shy but when alone will spend countless hours chatting away and waffling on. deep down though they are a wonderful and lovely person no matter what others say!

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  • Shansi

    a gorgeous asian name that is put with a stunning face and body guy #1: whoa, check out that s-xy girl… guy #2: d-mn….what a shansi. i’d tap that.

  • Shantiel

    the type of girl that has the definition of real. always there. her best friend is allie. has major cudi fever. smokes and drinks never lets you down. down as f-ck. and is the devils decent from h-ll. oh you know shantiel? yeah shes my best friend. a mexican or black girl that everyone knows. […]

  • Sharing the Optimism

    “sharing the optimism” is the act at which you show your love and grat-tude, towards your friends, family or acquaintances when horrifically stoned. this is usually followed by “love hugs” because the barer of good news is so overwhelmed they usually burst into hysterics. “nancy, our 2 hour conversation about life and previous partners has […]

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    a word signaling simultaneous frustration & confusion. it’s uttered after some event that frustrates & confuses, and you just can’t let the moment p-ss without some kind of comment. curly howard (the three stooges) frequently said “sheeesh!” after something didn’t operate the way it was expected to operate, like a telephone. or when he was […]

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    a dergatory term for a person from new zeland. to say that a person has s-xual intercouse with a sheep. (origin: almost only used by australian’s for making fun of new zelander’s because of the ratio of sheep to people in new zeland.) “the all blacks are a bunch of sheep rooters.” a “sheep rooter” […]

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