crazy, s-xy and cool is what comes to mind this gem. beautiful, bootyful, hard working and she’s someone you better get to know. always fly and has her own style she copies no one. her eyes are almost always so seductive that she’ll put you in a trance then take your heart and your wallet. shaneice’s are usually big flirts and amazing lovers so if your lucky snag this beauty…you won’t be sorry!
shanneice just does it for me.

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  • demetrya

    a loving woman that will put others before herself. likes to go out sometimes, funny person to be around, and a little bit hyper, but if your on her bad side then there’s trouble. she is such a demetrya, always putting others before herself

  • jacksonville jiggler

    when a women and man are having s-x and he woman bends back and sucks his b-lls. jamal said when stacey gave him a jacksonville jiggler it was the time of his life.

  • quoinyea

    a complete smart -ss! quionyea is a hoe and her p-ssy smells of cheese and rotten eggs. quoinyea often times though, can be nice and caring, but that’s only when someone kisses her -ss. (something no one will ever do) quoinyea is such a smart -ss!

  • tummy tent

    a condition caused by overindulgence of food. primary symptom: protruding gut making it impossible to tuck in ones shirt in the front. dude, i just finished my 3rd bowl of chili and now i’ve got a tummy tent to show for it!

  • bedazzelism

    the act of bedazzle overload. when everything you own has some sort of glitter and gems covering it that is truly a case of bedazzelism, that chick glitters everything she gets her hands on!!

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