girls name
hebrew meaning friend
also a song by amy grant
name is often mispr-nounced
pr-nounced: sha ray ah
rare but very beautiful name
sharayah is very beautiful and she is my best freind
sharayah is a very pretty name, and heaps of silly people pr-nouce it as “shar-iie-ah” (even though it clearly has an a, not an i) but it is really pr-nounced: “sher – aaay – ah”.

sharayah’s are usually very wild girls with strange (but hilarious) senses of humor. they are always very shy at first, but when you get to know them they are as extroverted as it gets! they love to party, get high on energy drinks and have crazy sleepovers. they are very daring people and love to try new combinations of food, clothes, make-up, etc. they are always beautiful, kind, and friendly girls who are lovely to be around and generally have lots of friends.
girl 1: did you see what that girl ate for lunch? she had a sandwich with salt and vinegar chips, plus tomato sauce and cheese!
girl 2: she’s gotta be a sharayah!

b-tchy old lady 1: (with posh english accent) oh my lord there’s a girl going wild in the shopping centre, screaming at the top of her lungs with a can of red bull! how disgraceful!
b-tchy old lady 2: oh a sharayah no doubt! she may be crazy, but i daresay she’s far more interesting company than you are!

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